Cuando veo sus ojos,

veo el mundo.

Siento la luz de la luna,

y el beso del sol poniente.

Tu toque resucita mi cadáver sin vida,

y silencia la oscuridad que reside dentro de mí.


¿Cómo es posible que no sepas lo que me haces?

¿No sabes que me derrito en tu abrazo?

Que con cada aliento y mirada que tomes,

Yo trasciende,

convirtiéndome en energías eternas.




Hidden beneath subtle frosted ponds,

below lush black tree lines,

emergence awaits.


a minuscule spec of fragmented light

remains hung in the vacuum void.

Tell me,

will it remain there?

Will it disintegrate right before

our eyes?

Will it slowly dwindle

like the groggy embers

of a once lit fire?

Who forgot to put it out?

And left that heap of coals

moaning in the wind…


What is real? Where is this fine line between dreaming and reality?

Take me there, walk with me along the brink of insanity.

I will mesh my worlds without apology; I will erase the lines.

Do not draw them, I’d like to see these inner dimensions.

Take the muzzle off of your heart, let your soul illustrate your other worlds.

We are never alone.

What is real? Solid? Concrete?

Are all of the molecules floating around us simply fragmented pieces of light,

flickering repeating images of life and death?

Where is this fine line separating dreams from memories?

Is it boundless,

crossing through all dimensions of space and time?

How is it that I can be so familiar with a place I’m not sure exists at all?

I feel it in my bones,

and with every word that I speak.

It must be real,



Solidarity breeds peaceful musings;

a soft curious bubbling energy

materializing through giggling exploration.

Each breath, a simple gasp in step.

As every molecule of everlasting light

seeps through all expansive vessels,

no hologram remains untouched.

Tell me,

when lunar ray meets black water mirrors,

does illusion deteriorate?

What does it take for perpetual sight

to become the origin of projection?

How is knowing

the key to anything?

Mustn’t one bask in the darkness of question

to truly bridge the gap between intelligence

and awareness?

Who could know,



Onward, pass, they trek.

As each and every one lay foot to gravel path,

an unknown force awakens.

Igniting every dwindling ember,

even ones in hibernation.

A ripening,

totally encapsulating sensation…

…one that none may ever

truly understand.


Through everlasting voids,

past porcelain chambers

where the seemingly concrete resides.

On peach blood lips gasping in awe

at the peculiar happenings surrounding.

One  may merely hope

to grasp the true essence

originating behind deep

forest eyes.

For one to ponder these singularities

can it then be realized

that every facet

of the loomingly ethereal

is but a mere projection

of tantalized light

refracting through

crystalline eyes.

A hologram of wondrous worlds

hiding in plain sight;

a materialized placeholder

of everything

in light…


…a fleeting

moment in time




A nod in agreement to the tall man in black;

a quick glimpse through the stitch between dimensions.

One simple glance and all time is frozen.

A solid structure wavering not when wind blows.

Somehow revealed,

the somber auburn lit trail.

Pass on through daunting images,

fleeting whispers of the past.

Onward shall encounter flickering fragments

of half crushed petals,

a sneaking remnant of embedded perspective.

Take me there,

where not one blade of grass may emit muddied tune,

and every purple hue glows effortlessly through.

A secret throbbing core,

nevertheless a unified circuit.

Take not one breath for granted;

let chocolate gaze

slow time.

Come with me to




Deep below structured surface

a glowing light emits

a soft churning essence

of daisy chord in solitude.

Quaint humming flora

emulating transcendence;

fragile masterpieces lay

sewn into every tune.

Just a brisk touch of electric flare

send frequencies pulsing wave,

a silent sense of drowning

met with tunneled light aware.

An unannounced awakening

lie hidden in every breath.


See her


for what lay beneath

painted silk.